Interactive data visualization

Analytics can be fascinating and solutions for it — simple!

IDVP (Interactive Data Visualization Platform) — is an interactive data visualization platform that provides a full life cycle for apps, specialized in three-dimensional infographics design.

The platform allows creating a private “cloud” (including multi tenancy) providing holders with services for app design, distribution and administration that guarantee the data high-quality 3D-visualisation. There is a special app on a client device that is created exactly for data visualization — a player, which is compiled individually for each holder.

This app also includes the library of visual elements (complied for a particular task) and a script visualization interpreter that are formed within a server and set the action logic of modern infographics objects, providing a versatile and intuitively clear interface. The same app-player can visualize data within different areas depending on the scripts that are used. There are also modules included in the platform that provide cloud service general administration, new visualization script creation, user administration, access rights and safety policy setting, resource storage, app and update distribution (for more information visit a “Modules” section).



App design administration with a set of visual elements customization


User account and data access rights administration of each app


Client device app distribution administration, update administration

Visual components

App design administration with a set of visual elements customization

  • An infinite set

    The set of 150 created components,
    that is constantly being replenished

  • Maximum customization

    Different style support (with the ability to design them for any components)

  • Custom design

    The ability
    to create components according to the needs of a particular


  • Cross-platform

    All popular desktop and mobile platforms support

    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Multifunctional

    Working with any set of visual components, compiled according to customer needs


A specialized language, that defines data behavior

  • A standard xml-notation

  • No need for a developer

  • Unified component rules

  • Any data source connection and visual elements and forms design

The ability to connect any data sources:

Administration cloud

Cloud based platform for setting main system parameters

iDVP base

iDVP base module is a unified service and platform settings administration panel. This module is a storage that includes a mechanism allowing to connect new modules dynamically and due to this expand iDVP platform functions. The module creates a customer working area, where the iDVP project life cycle administration takes place (including the process of assembling, designing and distributing).

iDVP presentation

iDVP presentation module guarantees the interaction of the iDVP platform with client apps (such as the iDVP player). During the work iDVP client apps request new interactive scripts. Usually an initial script code can be designed in different specialized languages. The module “chooses” a script, checks its relevance and transforms it into a needed iDVP player visualization form. While transforming the script, the module, as well as a client app, can link visual components to data sources. The module also includes an editor for script creation and checkout. Those script changes that were made with the help of the editor become available for ultimate consumers at once.

iDVP identity

iDVP identity module provides access rights administration based on a versatile role model. A convenient interface, which allows creating new users swiftly, setting access rights and operate with them, was created for a user catalogue administration. The module guarantees authentication mechanisms functioning, an access by a pin-code and a two-factor authentication with the use of SMS. The module carries safety administration and provides client app data coding.

iDVP distribution

Owing to the module functioning a user has an opportunity to download a client app iDVP player from any existing place and for any possible device and thereafter to get an access to the needed information. This privilege is provided by an iDVP distribution website that can be found in the open access. Just to spread the website link is enough for user registration. Afterwards an administrator (a customer representative) provides access rights for a client app download. The iDVP distribution website can be branded with a corporate customer style.

iDVP storage

This module is designed for safe file storage. The iDVP storage module guarantees distributives, initial script files and customer resource files storage and administration. Access rights protect the files. The access to the files is carried by unique disposable tickets, which have limited validity. The functional of iDVP player product release administration is implemented within the module.

iDVP assembly

iDVP assembly module allows creating client app iDVP player distributives for different operation systems, such as Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android etc. promptly. App compilation takes place automatically, considering client (holder) parameters, app characteristics and the set of used components. After the compilation the app publication takes place and notifications are supposed to be sent to the holder.

iDVP route

All server request go through iDVP route module. During request processing a service holder identification takes place; then request execution happens in a separate area that is isolated from other holders. The module gives an opportunity to work with a unified iDVP platform copy simultaneously to lots of holders.