Interactive data visualization

Analytics can be fascinating and solutions for it — simple!

IDVP (Interactive Data Visualization Platform) — is an interactive data visualization platform that provides a full life cycle for apps, specialized in three-dimensional infographics design.

The platform allows creating a private “cloud” (including multi tenancy) providing holders with services for app design, distribution and administration that guarantee the data high-quality 3D-visualisation. There is a special app on a client device that is created exactly for data visualization — a player, which is compiled individually for each holder.

This app also includes the library of visual elements (complied for a particular task) and a script visualization interpreter that are formed within a server and set the action logic of modern infographics objects, providing a versatile and intuitively clear interface. The same app-player can visualize data within different areas depending on the scripts that are used. There are also modules included in the platform that provide cloud service general administration, new visualization script creation, user administration, access rights and safety policy setting, resource storage, app and update distribution (for more information visit a “Modules” section).



App design administration with a set of visual elements customization


User account and data access rights administration of each app


Client device app distribution administration, update administration

Visual components

App design administration with a set of visual elements customization

  • An infinite set

    The set of 150 created components,
    that is constantly being replenished

  • Maximum customization

    Different style support (with the ability to design them for any components)

  • Custom design

    The ability
    to create components according to the needs of a particular


  • Cross-platform

    All popular desktop and mobile platforms support

    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Multifunctional

    Working with any set of visual components, compiled according to customer needs


A specialized language, that defines data behavior

  • A standard xml-notation

  • No need for a developer

  • Unified component rules

  • Any data source connection and visual elements and forms design

The ability to connect any data sources:

Administration cloud

Cloud based platform for setting main system parameters

iDVP Cloud

The iDVP Cloud module is a single control panel for services and platform settings. The module is a container within which a mechanism is implemented that allows you to dynamically connect new modules, thereby expanding the functions of the iDVP platform. The module creates a customer workspace, in which users and their powers are managed, the life cycle of iDVP projects is managed, including the processes of assembly, development and distribution.

iDVP Player

The iDVP Player module is designed to create 3D client applications. Client applications work on the principle of “specialized browsers”. The client application contains sets of visual elements (component library) and an engine that interacts with the server part of iDVP. All business application logic and user interface configuration is described using simple XML templates that the application loads from the server.

iDVP Data

The iDVP Data module provides processing and connection of customer data to iDVP Player and iDVP Analytics client applications. The module allows you to connect any data sources to their processing and calculation of indicators required for visualization in client applications.

iDVP Data SaaS

The iDVP Data SaaS module is a cloud system for managing data from any source through a single interface using the SQL language. Allows you to process large amounts of data from any sources in just a few minutes. Allows you to connect sources, perform transformations and publish services together with members of your team.

iDVP Analytics

The iDVP Analytics module performs data visualization in the form of interactive reports. The module includes a visual editor.

iDVP Analytics SaaS

The iDVP Analytics SaaS module is a cloud version of the iDVP Analytics module.

iDVP Map Module

The iDVP Map Module allows you to visualize data on a map.